REC offers several Professional grade BMS options for applications from 12V to 800V, using many of the battery chemistries available today.  To explore options for your configuration just select the product that closest matches your application to build up a semi-custom system for your application.  Not quite sure how to proceed?  Just fill out this form with as much info as possible and we will help put together a system for you.

Single Pack Systems

12V 4S Standalone BMS

For single BMS 4S applications up to 3,000 Ah capacity, this will be your best option.  It supports Active Balancing, 2 relay outputs, 2 opto outputs and up to 8 temp sensors. For Smart system integration it supports Arco Zeus, Victron and WS500 communications on the CANBus network.

12-60V 4-16S Cell Standalone BMS

For systems up to 16 cells and 5,000 Ah, the new 2Q Series Stand Alone Professional grade BMS is what you want.  This is the workhorse of the product line, includes 3 opto output, 2 of which are customer configurable, integrates with many inverters via CANBus and can be upgraded to work with a Master if you want to expand your system with additional banks in the future.

Large Scale Systems

High current Parallel Pack Systems

When you have a larger system with multiple packs of 4-16S cells that all need to brought together into one large system of up to 15 packs for monitoring, isolation, redundancy or integration the Parallel Master is the way to go. It works to supervise and aggregate all of the packs into a single integrated system.  Along with all of the features of the 2Q Series BMS it has 4 additional programmable relay outputs and voltage inputs that can be custom programmed for you.

High Voltage Series Packs Systems

For high voltage systems the Series Master will integrate up to 15 cell packs into one large series string of cells.  Each pack of up to 16 cells is put in series to create you high voltage systemand will be custom configured based on your specific system requirements.  We recommend submitting a requirements overview using the “System Config” form before or with your purchase of this system.