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WS500 Configuration Tool-Config Version Life Time- Windows

Above and beyond.

I had recently swapped out computers and lost my software key and software to monitor my WS500 in the swap. All that transferred was the Home Screen Icon. The team without hesitation looked me up and sent me a new key (or maybe my original one). I am now back up and running.

Thanks Gary! Glad your PC is back up and running :)

REC Wi-Fi module
Felipe S.S.V.l. (Panama)
Great service

I faced a few issues but Rick was very helpful and available at all time.

I will definitely recommend this company.

Glad we got you sorted. Thanks for the great review!

REC 2Q Series 16S BMS
B.H. (United States)
worth the wait!

Amazing product & fantastic customer service from Rick @ REC NA / OGM.
Very happy customer!

After having built a lifepo4 battery with a mass produced JBD BMS, I knew I wanted something different when switching to EV. I had heard great things about REC from users of Electric Sailboats on Facebook. I wanted my BMS to be the best quality I could get.

The installation was very straightforward, and greatly simplified by the availability of prebuilt wiring harnesses. The features of the BMS are impressive - while I havent used it yet, the 2 opto outputs are very sophisticated in terms of software control, and I will surely find a use for them.

I'm working on using BMS CAN and fully integrating with Victron multiplus & cerboGX. The fact that Victron lists REC as a known-working integration gave me a lot of confidence in the solution.

I had sent emails (excessive emails!) to REC since January asking for details about the product and release date info. It's a great product, and I'm happy I waited for release.

OGM energy has been very responsive in answering inquiries, and shipped the product sooner than expected. Very pleased!

That's great news Brian. So glad you are happy with the new 2Q BMS. I think REC really hit a home run with this one!!

WS500 Wiring Harness
Adrian v.V. (United States)
Fantastic service and an amazing high Quality product.

The setup and installation instructions are of the highest level.
Customer service was amazing; Rick was quick to help out when i inadvertently ordered the wrong harness and gave me a 100% refund.
I would recommend OGM anytime, a great company to do business with

Thanks Adrian. Glad you are up and running. :)

Easy to use

Very easy to use and much easier to program the WS500 than using the native interface via putty. I like the dashboard display which quickly lets you see the impact of your changes.
Looking forward to the CANBus interface as it is annoying to have to take off the front cover of the WS500 to access the USB socket (not a problem with the software more a problem with the physical design of the WS500 - no idea why they don't have a USB socket on the outside of the box!)

WS500 Smart Regulator
Michael P. (Indonesia)
Rick the saviour!

I don’t generally leave ratings feedback but Rick at OGM was deserving of special mention. He spent a good deal of time assisting with the design, and procurement of the charging solution for my boat. If it wasn’t for Rick, I’d still be in a mess. Thanks so much, you were an amazing support. I can certainly recommend OGM for their customer service.

Wow, thanks so much for the awesome review. Best of luck getting your boat out of the marina and back on the high seas!

“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”
― Sir Francis Drake, English Explorer

REC Active BMS
GMS (United States)
Controls Everything!

We have been using the REC BMS in conjunction with a Victron Multiplus and Wakespeed Regulator (alternator control) for a couple years now. The REC BMS communicates via CANbus with all of our charge and major discharge sources to ensure that the LiFePO4 house bank on our boat is properly managed. The system has been basically flawless. The only negative is the REC BMS is programmed to keep the house bank more or less at full charge even when we are away from the boat, I would prefer a storage mode that kept the bank at a lower state of charge but have not figured out how to do this with the REC.

This is great feedback. With the new Wi-Fi module REC should be able to add this functionality and hopefully, after the release of the new 2Q BMS they will consider this feature request.

WS500 Smart Regulator
Neville S. (United Kingdom)
We 500

I phone app doesn’t work no info how to set up expensive waste of money ….

The WS500 app created by Wakespeed is done using a multi-platform language called Flutter. When compiled for Apple IOS, the communications portion of the app gets disabled because Apple does not allow third parties to use the Lightning port for USB serial functionality. There is nothing Wakespeed can do to overcome this but to help we have fully refunded the cost of our Windows 10-11 tech tool and hopefully that helps get you set up and going.