Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide with the usual exceptions. When your order is completed you will be sent a tracking number as part of your order confirmation. For duty or customs related delays you will need to contact your local service to get those issues resolved.


Our default shipping carrier is via UPS. If you are shipping locally in the USA or to Canada, we also offer USPS, but our preferred carrier is UPS. A few customers have requested Fedex so we added them as well, but they only seem to provide valid pricing in some areas. DHL is not available for export shipping in the USA.

Customs, Duties and Import Costs

Customs, duties and import costs are NOT included in our pricing or shipping prices, unless explicitly stated on your order.  Every country seems to treat this differently and sometimes inconsistently, so make sure you are prepared to deal with this, should it be an issue getting through your countries import and customs agencies.

Free Shipping

Currently we offer free shipping on qualified Wakespeed and REC BMS orders. Free Shipping Terms

Lithium Battery Shipping

Lithium batteries and cells require special handling.  Click here to see our Battery Shipping page.